Prepare Student-Athletes For a Successful Transition into Professional Life

Collegiate athletes play out their sport in a short amount of time compared to their professional life following their university education. The NCAA states over 95% of NCAA student-athletes will NOT transition to the Professional or Olympic level. That means the overwhelming majority of college athletes will enter the workforce or go to graduate school. Are your athletes prepared to enter the next stage of their professional life?

Student Athlete Career Development & Job Placements for a Successful Life

Do you give your athletes the chance for success? 

Ninety percent of student-athletes fail to use their on-campus career centers in their career searches, according to the NCAA. Sport becomes a top priority for most student-athletes, becoming their profession in college. But over nine out of ten student-athletes will then do a dramatic career change, switching from a student-athlete to a college student in need of a job. Student-athletes live a structured, packed schedule, leaving little time to reach out to their individual school’s career center. Online programs can offer rich content tailored to professionals addressing student-athletes needs, in a cost/time-effective manner. Over 65 e-learning courses across 16 topics intertwined with our 4 C’s (Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness) Leadership Learning Framework provides comprehensive leadership and career readiness journey for all student-athletes. Leaders of Evolution afford student-athletes a systematic and proven approach for the opportunity to successfully transition to the workforce. 

How It Works:

A three-year collaborative partnership delivering measurable results across your entire student-athlete body. Our five-step program develops and implements a tailored, complimentary online learning community for a successful transition to the workforce.

Step 1: Consult and Collaborate

The start of a successful transition begins with understanding the needs of your Athletic Department, what issues your program has to overcome and the goals you wish to achieve. This first session, in-person or virtually, establishes a preliminary roadmap implemented to inspire positive change and development within your student-athlete organization. We will primarily use online surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews to collect data for important deliverables. 

“We had the pleasure of having Jon meeting with our student-athlete leaders from across all varsity sports at Syracuse this past March. Leaders of Evolution are passionate about building leaders and developing unique, customized content to deliver programming that is applicable to each individual regardless of their role on the team or point in their college career. Jon is very thorough and professional and we would love to have him back in the future.”

Mark Trumbo, Student-Athlete Engagement Coordinator at Syracuse University 

Step 2: Customize and Engage

Through our insights gathered from our conversations in Step 1, we will collaborate with our team members to develop a three-month curriculum designed to achieve your immediate goals. We will utilize branding elements, stress testing IT functionality and your feedback for this step. Simultaneously, our highly experienced development and IT team will build your fully-customized E-learning Platform in four to six weeks.

“I met Jon four years ago when I co-lead a study abroad trip to Australia. Jon was an instant hit with our students due to his approachable and clear communication style, excellent presentation, and impressive professional experience. I have been back to Australia three times and Jon remains a key part of the educational experience our students receive. Leaders of Evolution work on athlete development on a global scale comes at a critical time and his unique perspective is needed in this arena. I look forward to staying engaged with the work Jon is doing.”

Todd Fraley, Associate Dean at East Carolina University Honors College 

Step 3: Design and Develop

Our robust 4 C’s Leadership Framework & Learning Pedagogy leads our creation of quality content to engage online learners. Our collaborative approach will undoubtedly unleash your institution’s IP using subject matter expertise to truly empower a purposeful learning journey. Film and audio sessions, storyboards and Alumni and talent engagement will be employed to design the most effective plan.

Step 4: Deliver and Educate 

In three to six months following our first consultation, we will launch the first roll-out of your tailored online units. Through a coordinated launch strategy, we will craft an inclusive marketing and communications promotion campaign. This marks an integral achievement in the execution of our three-year E-learning Hub Partnership. You can reasonably expect and be encouraged to launch over 20 courses every year. 

Step 5: Observe and Adapt

Live data and analytics will determine measurements of success. Completion rates, time on platform rates and student-athlete feedback are among important areas to review in planning future online lessons. We will meet with you in person bi-annually at strategy sessions to provide a strong foundation and platform for growth for future developments. 

Student Athlete Career Development & Job Placements for a Successful Life

Three out of four students-athletes report experiencing difficulty with retiring from a competitive sport, according to the NCAA. As an institution supporting the growth of student-athletes, you must take the necessary steps to inspire your student-athletes to a successful transition to the workforce. 

“Don’t be an enabler. Support and educate student-athletes about exploring career options and searching for jobs.” 

Penny Semina, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student Life at the University of Pittsburgh

Take Action:

We provide athletes with user-friendly tools, resources, and templates to successfully make the jump from student-athletes to industry professionals. Contact [email protected] or click here to learn more about preparing your student-athletes for their next stage in life. 
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