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One of the most important elements of the Domains of Effective Leadership is Authentic Learning. There are many opportunities for teachers to encourage authentic learning within their student leadership programs, which range from daily tasks such as public speaking or mentoring peers to much larger school community projects.

We have found school community projects to be incredibly valuable learning opportunities for students as they explore elements of student voice, agency and leadership to deliver a beneficial result for the school community. Ably guided by their teachers and other stakeholders both within and outside the school community, the opportunity to plan, deliver and review projects are in important milestone in the student leadership experience.

Lake Boga Primary School is located around 20 minutes from Swan Hill in Victoria, nestled close by the mighty Murray River. The school has around 80 students and this year three students were part of the Swan Hill Cluster Leadership Program. In the following piece, the students discuss their school community project planning process and in the short video piece provide us with an update on their results.

Well done Sarah and students on your application, delivery and reflective practice as you apply the 4 C’s of leadership into an authentic context for the benefit of your wider community. Here the students take up the story and be sure to watch the short clip where they give us an update, no planning or preparation for this either – the students did a great job to sum up their work!

In Term One the four School Captains from Lake Boga Primary School attended the ‘Leaders of Evolution’ Forum with Damian Hecker. Alongside us were leaders from other schools in the Swan Hill region. We were all very shy and reserved to begin with, but after some warm up games to break the ice, we were soon chatting and getting to know one another. 

The purpose of the event was for us to identify and develop the skills that would help us to be successful leaders in our school community. With the help of Damian, we were introduced to the 4 C’s, these are Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness. Growth Mindset was also a focus for the day and we learnt why it is important for leaders to have a growth mindset, especially when we are faced with challenges. 

The final part of the day was for us to plan an event. This was done in our own school group with our teacher. As a group we decided to plan a school event as well as a community event later in the year. We believe that it is important to provide something for the community because they are very supportive of our school. 

The first event will be a movie night for Prep to Year Six students. We will have two different movies for the students; one for Prep to Year Two and the other movie for Year Three to Year Six students. There will be dinner and snacks available for purchase with pre-paid order forms. 

In preparation for the movie night, some of our school leaders attended a recent School Council meeting to present our proposal for the event and answer questions before they approved it. Although we were nervous, it was a great experience and we learnt a lot about how meetings are run. 

Since the Leaders of Evolution Forum, we have had a video call with Damian to check in with us and we have been holding regular meetings to discuss the planning of our event. We hope to make some money from the movie night which will be donated to our school’s Kids Matter team. 

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