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Uplift Student Leadership & Life Skills

We save teachers time, strengthening the concept of leadership for Year 5 & 6 students in a fun, online learning journey.


entering primary school will end up in jobs that don’t yet exist.

Future Proof Leaders Today

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Student Leadership Resources

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What Schools Are Saying

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Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

I’ve found the resources Leaders of Evolution have provided to be really helpful in terms of mapping out what influence leaders have in our school community and help the students own their leadership responsibilities.

Jack Blytham

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Year 5 & 6 Teacher at Willow Grove P.S

Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

Leaders of Evolution have a unique ability to structure learning programs specific to where our student leaders are and the structures we have in place. We're confident our new e-learning structure will last well into the future.

Matthew Montebello

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Assistant Principal at Williamstown P.S

Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

We consider all Year 5 & 6 students leaders and with the e-learning course, we can ensure every student has an opportunity to learn these important life skills. We have seen immediate school community impact from our collaboration with LoE.

Toby Cardew

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Leadership Coordinator at Ranfurly P.S

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our e-learning course after 30 days just let us know and we'll refund your money - that's how confident we are that our courses will help students and teachers.

Foundation Course - Year 5

$22.90 +GST per student
  • 30 minutes per week (6 months)
  • 6 Leadership Lessons
  • 34+ Learning Videos
  • 36+ Individual Learning Topics
  • Student Leadership Guidebook (Available Online)
  • Teacher Lesson Plans, Assessment Criteria & more
  • Certificate of Completion - 4 C's Certified

Advanced Course - Year 6

$29.90 +GST per student
  • 30 minutes per week (6-9 months)
  • 9 Leadership Lessons
  • 60+ Learning Videos
  • 60+ Individual Learning Topics
  • Student Leadership Guidebook (Available Online)
  • Teacher Lesson Plans, Assessment Criteria & more
  • Certificate of Completion - 4 C's Certified

Equip Your Students With Important Life Skills

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Students Will..

Develop their self-awareness and leadership effectiveness

Investigate, research and deliver projects to positively impact others

Develop and apply the 4 C’s – Competence, Confidence, Character & Connectedness in their environment

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Teachers Will..

Gain more outcomes in less time

Establish & implement an effective student leadership framework

Leverage course resources, evaluate student progression and acknowledge the application of tangible leadership

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Schools Will..

Develop and embrace student voice and agency

Encourage, challenge and celebrate the leadership learning experience of students

Recognise the achievements of student growth and the delivery of school community projects

400+ Schools Have Benefited By

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Leadership programs in schools

Less time, more outcomes

Educators passionate in enhancing the leadership capacity of entire student cohorts whilst saving teachers time.

Teaching resilience

Strategic Vision

Schools committed to delivering upon their strategic capabilities using a proven student leadership framework.

Top leadership programs

Curriculum Alignment

Students maximising learning opportunities in a fun, engaging tech-savvy environment aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Why Leaders of Evolution?

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Our 4 C’s Learning Framework

Peer to Peer Learning

School Leadership Framework

Student Driven Projects

Launch Your Online Learning Journey

Empower Students Through Voice, Agency & Leadership  Delivering Real World Projects

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Australian Curriculum Aligned

Aligns with the Australian Curriculum, specifically the Personal & Social Capability and the Self-management, Self-awareness, Social Management and Social Awareness elements (Levels 4 & 5). Also aligns to State based curriculums.

How it Works

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Student Emerging Leaders Program
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Choose Your Course

Select either the Foundation (Year 5) or Advanced (Year 6) course and utilise our “Online Teacher Introduction” Course hearing advice from experienced teachers and the Leaders of Evolution team.


The step-by-step guide prepares teachers to deliver an engaging experience and a smooth transition for the launch of the course. Teachers will receive a Certificate of Completion and recognise 1 hour of Professional Learning.

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Plan & Prepare

A “Customer Success Toolkit” has been designed to support the successful implementation of your Young Leaders in Schools e-Learning Course, providing handy tips, curriculum breakdown and a 12-month delivery timeline.

A simple Goal Setting & Self-reflection framework will also equip you in achieving schools strategic priorities and promoting the application of student leadership.

Student Leadership Workshop
Student Emerging Leaders Program
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We design our courses in a way that challenges students to apply learning into authentic, real-world contexts, which inspires tangible growth in performance.


The e-Learning Hub will empower you with readily available recourses, such as teacher lesson plans, assessment matrix and learning tools all designed to enhance students across the 4 C’s - Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness.

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We won’t leave you hanging! Our termly check-in and supporting tools ensure your school stays on track and maximises their student leadership goals.

Simple and effective online reports also help you track and measure the progress of students.

Student Leadership Initiative Ideas
Young Leaders in Schools E-Learning Couse Certification
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Reward & Recognise

Celebrating success is an important leadership practise! Our team is committed to rewarding both students and schools by presenting all students who complete the course with a personalised 4 C’s Certified Certificate.


Schools will also have the opportunity to be recognised as a State and National finalist and winner of our Leadership School of the Year Award.

Virtual Facilitator

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Author at Leaders of Evolution

Damian Hecker

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Co-founder, Leaders of Evolution

Damian brings a wealth of teaching, coaching, leadership and management expertise to the business. A teaching and education Bachelor graduate from LaTrobe University Bendigo, Damian has a deep passion for learning and the development of others.

Damian’s career trajectory is reflective of this passion having spent eight years in the education field in Victoria and London teaching in the classroom and physical education setting.

Fiercely passionate about the inherent value of sport, coaching and physical activity this first period of Damian’s professional career propelled him into coach development and leadership roles with the Australian Sports Commission and Netball Australia for the next seven years.

Now as Co-founder, Director of Learning and Development at Leaders of Evolution, Damian is able to combine these passions to have a positive influence on both young people and adult learners across the fields of education, sport and business.

He drives the development and delivery of all learning content and through the use of e-Learning and blended learning approaches is able to deliver innovative learning experiences for the people Leaders of Evolution work with.

Damian embodies the company value of ‘Relentless in the pursuit of knowledge’ and is currently completed his Masters of Sports Coaching through the University of Queensland.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple, yet powerful: We’re collaborating with like-minded schools across the globe to reach 100,000+ Student Leaders by 2025.

With your help, we can work together to ensure young leaders are equipped with effective leadership and life skills.

So if you share the same passion towards developing 100,000+ 4 C’s Certified Leaders by 2025 we would love to meet you.

Download Curriculum Overview

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Student Leadership Resources

Curriculum Download Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

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