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Every company has a standard to be met. It might be a certain percentage for sales, productivity, engagement… the possibilities are endless. I happen to consider myself a bit of a renaissance woman when it comes to my long list of jobs. I’ve pretty much done it all! A bold claim, I know.  

When I was a pre-teen, I worked at an amusement park where we mostly had cleanliness, efficiency, and customer service standards. The ride operators needed to keep the lines moving and rides running smooth, while the waste management department was to keep the park exempt from trash. On the other hand, the food and beverage department strived for perfect customer service and appetising food. There were different standards for each department that the park as a whole was expected to meet. It taught me that having these performance standards was crucial to the success of any organisation or governing body at a young age.  

Standards in Education 

One of the many ways that I have been subject to standards through schooling and education. Oh man, I could go on and on about the plethora of standards set by universities… but I digress. Each university holds standards for grade point average, test scores, behaviour, and involvement in extracurricular activities. Governments also set standards of education that schools are required to meet.  

The Australian government is no exception! A governing body regulating education guidelines is the student online NESA, the New South Wales Education Standards Authority. The student online NESA has a multitude of requirements for successful learning through Australian schools and programs.  

Student Online Nesa | Leaders of Evolution

What are the Key Objectives of Student Online NESA? 

The New South Wales Education Standards Authority is an independent statutory authority reporting to an independent board and the NSW Minister for Education. Their goal as an authority is to support school sectors to deliver the best possible outcomes for students through high-quality syllabuses, assessment, teaching standards, and school environments. Since the board has been established, student online NESA has focused on developing evidence-based policy to improve student achievement and better support for teachers.  

In May 2020, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning released a statement which outlines the three key objectives for student online NESA:  

1.   Deliver the New South Wales Curriculum Review 

2.    Develop strategies to support the Premier’s Priority of ‘Government made Easy’ 

3.    Deliver the Higher School Certificate 

NESA says, “Making sure all children and young people in NSW leave school ready to take advantage of life’s opportunities, as well as rise to its inevitable challenges, is at the heart of what we do.” These goals and mission statements overlap with Leaders of Evolution, who strive to prepare students for their futures, as well.   

Leaders of Evolution Sets Standards for Success  

In addition to the student online NESA requirements, Leaders of Evolution also sets high standards for student success. We want students to be totally prepared to take on their future workforces and be fully autonomous workers. That’s why we adhere to all Australian regulations, including the student online NESA. Students in today’s day and age will not have a typical workforce in front of them. In fact, 65% of children entering primary school will end up in jobs that don’t exist yet!  

I’m not really a fan of percentages, so allow me to remind you that 65% is  

65 out of every 100 children! 

That’s a lot of kids! You can understand how incredibly important it is to equip these young students with a curriculum that adheres to student online NESA and teaches them the skills to succeed.  

Leaders of Evolution Courses  

Leaders of Evolution teach leadership skills that promote autonomy, determination, and resilience. We save teachers time by strengthening the concept of leadership for students in a fun and engaging way. The best part is that you can start your journey today! Students are never bored with our learning videos, 4 C’s Learning Framework, peer to peer learning, and student-driven projects; students are never bored!  

Learn everything you need to know about student online NESA and how to prepare your students for bright futures. Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the Leaders of Evolution website for more information.  

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