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Identifying Leadership Purpose – Sacred Heart Primary School

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Identifying Leadership Purpose – Sacred Heart Primary School A critical area of leadership that we encourage teachers and students to focus on is purpose. Finding purpose as an individual and as a team helps guide leadership behaviour and assist in decision making. It also provides clarity to the why and helps us understand why we do…

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The 4 C’s Learning Framework

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The 4 C’s Learning Framework To provide guidance and clarity to learners across all of our programs, we have adopted the 4 C’s of Learning. The 4 C’s have been inspired by Jean Cote and Wade Gilbert’s research into effective sports coaching where they found coaches play a role in influencing their players Competence, Confidence,…

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Ian Stacker – LoE TV


Ian Stacker has a long and illustrious career as a basketball coach in Australia. Having coached in the NBL and with Australian underage teams Ian is also one of a handful of Master level coaches with Basketball Australia. Ian joined us for a chat about everything from using Freddy Mercury as a motivating strategy to…

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Social media do’s, don’ts and tips for emerging athletes

Have you ever had an experience where your social media post has had an impact on someone else?  It’s pretty likely that you have – maybe many.  This may have been a really positive experience where you thanked someone or shared something brilliant they did.  Alternatively, it could have been an incident where your decision…

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