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Why great leaders consistently achieve their goals

Author: Jon Shepherd, Director of Business Operations & Development at Leaders of Evolution (June 15 2018) Goal setting is universally seen as an effective approach to development — regardless of what that development might be. Goals provide an end point to progression and a road map to get there. There are different methods of goal…

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Need help navigating tricky conversations?

Need help navigating tricky conversations? Those who lead have to have challenging conversations often. The reasons for having these conversations vary but what remains true is that these conversations often lead to better results so even though they are tricky, they are a non- negotiable aspect of leadership. If you are an observant leader you…

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The Final Reflection – One Month of Learning in the U.S. of A.

Damian Hecker, Leaders of Evolution

The Final Reflection – One Month of Learning in the U.S. of A. The gruelling 15-hour flight from LAX to Tullamarine provides plenty of time for reflection, albeit in a cramped (even for me at 165cm!) and uncomfortable reflective learning environment.  The excitement of coming home from a month of learning in America was tempered…

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LoE Connect – February/March 2017

LoE Connect – February/March 2017 This month’s LoE Connect focuses on the great projects Leaders of Evolution have been working on with their clients so far in 2017, including coach development resourcing with AFL Victoria and Ski and Snowboard Australia.

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