How To Get The Most Out of Your Teaching And Learning Cycle

Everything is Cyclical 

Everything in life is cyclical to a certain degree. Seasons come in cycles: fall, winter, spring, summer. Even our bodies operate on a circadian cycle that regulates when we sleep and wake. If you’ve ever taken a biology class, then I know you have heard of the life cycle. It’s the ever-moving cycle of the way things move, growing closer to other things and father apart like waves in the ocean.  

My entire life has been cyclical up until now. I have attended school beginning every fall through spring. Summer break hits, and then I had some time “off” until I got old enough to have jobs. University has been the same cycle of learning with summers off – up until this year. 2020. My cycle cracked when COVID-19 surged across the world and changed my plans. I took a gap year from school for the first time since I was in first grade. It has felt nice to have a change of pace and switch up the routine. My perspectives have changed, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ll be heading back to Syracuse for my senior year in August, and it’s going to take some time to adjust to my routine again.  

What are Teaching and Learning Cycles? 

 I am looking forward to getting back into my school cycle because cycles are proven to help us remain organised and efficient. An example of this is teaching and learning cycles, a pedagogical framework that ensures tangible improvements within students’ capabilities. That sounds more complex than it really is, so allow me to clarify. There are four key elements to the teaching and learning cycle:  

  1. Assessment  
  1. Evaluation  
  1. Planning  
  1. Teaching  

Each element allows for teachers to guarantee that their students are fully engaged with the material they’re learning. This is absolutely vital to students’ successes, as all students learn differently. Teachers much be cognizant of what each type of learner requires to succeed.  

Plan for Students to Succeed 

The teaching and learning cycle is essential for both parties: teachers and students. 1. Teachers can plan and determine the best way to teach individual students. 2. Students will be more engaged with a model that fits their needs and allows them to grow academically. To put it simply: everyone benefits!  

I know I always use myself as an example, so hopefully, you aren’t rolling your eyes…but I’m going to talk about myself again. I have always disliked examinations because they stress me out! In the end, test anxiety hinders my performance no matter how hard I studied or prepared for an examination. It’s not that I don’t understand the material; I just perform better in lower-stress situations. I am a strong writer and will always prefer writing a paper over any type of test.  

I never had a teacher attempt to understand my learning style, as it felt like most of them went with the flow. We had heavily weighted midterm and final exams, despite the fact that most students didn’t do very well. It wasn’t until I was a university student that professors started to mix up traditional styles and give students more ways to succeed.  

Benefits of the Learning Cycle 

At Leaders of Evolution, we strive to break traditional teaching and learning cycles. We challenge current ways of thinking and deliver innovative development programs for our clients. Students, teachers, and schools will all benefit from the Leaders of Evolution teaching and learning cycle in the following ways: 

Students will develop their self-awareness and leadership effectiveness and investigate, research, and deliver projects to impact others positively.  

Teachers will gain more outcomes in less time, establish and implement an effective student leadership framework, and leverage course resources.  

Schools will develop and embrace student voice and agency and recognise the achievements of student growth.  

Teaching And Learning Cycle | Leaders of Evolution

Don’t Wait, Start Your Journey Today!  

The best part? You can start your Leaders of Evolution journey today! Your students, faculty, and parents will thank you for equipping their students with the skills they need to thrive in the future. Through our student leadership framework4 C’s Learning Framework, and teaching and learning cycle, students will feel prepared for their future in the workforce.

Check out the Leaders of Evolution website or contact us here with any questions.  

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