Five Steps for Implementing an Impactful Curriculum

In 2019, there were 288,294 full-time teachers across Australian primary and secondary schools. In 2020, this number has grown. Each of these individuals is responsible for internalizing, adapting, and teaching courses that will impact the current and future lives of our youth. Each day these teachers carry the stress, the excitement, the highs, and the lows that come along with such a large responsibility. And every year, they are often asked to implement updated lessons, teach a new curriculum or add innovative programs.

Teaching Courses | Teaching Resilience | Leaders of Evolution

While these changes help keep material up to date and effective for students, they typically require teachers to dedicate quite a lot of time and effort to understand the ins and outs of the material and gain a level of familiarity that enables them to teach new lessons effectively. At Leaders of Evolution, we don’t think this is the way it should be. Educators should look forward to teaching courses that are up to date, and they should be excited about teaching programs that are even more applicable to the lives of their students.

Instead of dreading the challenge of learning a new curriculum on their own, Leaders of Evolution wants to partner with educators to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Teaching Courses

Leaders of Evolution courses are designed by educators for educators. Our staff consists of experienced teachers and coaches that know exactly how difficult it can be to add new programs into an already busy schedule. To ease the load for educators and make teaching courses easier, Leaders of Evolution has created a clear step by step process for implementation.

Teaching Courses | Teaching Resilience | Leaders of Evolution

Step 1: Choose Your Course and Get Familiar

Start by deciding which of our teaching courses best fits the needs of you and your students. Then, complete the teacher and coach introduction to the course. This eight-part online training is not simply an overview of the course, but rather a helpful and informative resource for educators. It is Leaders of Evolutions’ teaching program for all adults facilitating our courses.

Our team knows that implementing a new program can be difficult, and by the end of the training educators should feel supported by staff every step of the way. As a bonus, completion of the teaching program is recognised as one hour of Professional Learning.

Step 2: Plan and Prepare

Within the training, our team outlines the structure of the course and offers tips for how to adapt our teaching program to make it the best for your environment. Specifically, educators are encouraged to work with the experienced Leaders of Evolution staff to plan activities that build on the lessons taught within the course and keep students moving in a similar direction. This is essential to keep in mind, as our programs provide students with the opportunity to take control of their learning and independently decide which lesson they want to complete first. Students then track their learnings and ongoing reflections in their Leadership Guidebook.

Even with a high level of student autonomy, the Leaders of Evolution’s Leadership Guidebook provides teachers with a concrete way to access student learning and monitor student growth. It also provides a common ground for topics that lend themselves to larger group learning and full class discussion.

To further support educators in their delivery of material and alleviate the need to spend hours on planning, Leaders of Evolution provides lesson plans to educators. While these plans are extremely helpful in outlining the learning objections and flow, adding teacher personality and relatable personal stories is highly encouraged when teaching courses. It is important to note that all Leaders of Evolution lesson plans are aligned to the Australian Curriculum’s Personal and Social Capabilities. 

Step 3: Implement

Teaching courses should be fun for students and teachers alike. With a plethora of resources at their fingertips, teachers will feel confident in the program and enjoy watching their students develop leadership skills that will improve their lives on and off the field.

Step 4: Validate

To back up the qualitative evidence of the course, our online dashboard allows educators to analyze student progress toward their goals.

Step 5: Reward and Recognise

Celebrating both small wins and large accomplishments are critical to keeping students motivated throughout the course as well as at its conclusion. Personal growth is not easy, so applauding it and recognizing students’ development will encourage the ongoing process.

Connecting to the Bigger Picture

Teaching courses applicable to the lives of students in the short and long term is the best way to maximize engagement and leave a lasting impact on student lives.  Developing student leadership skills will undoubtedly positive impact achievement on the field and in the classroom. As students build confidence and competence educators are likely to notice an increase in student participation. This additional participation will enrich class discussions, take a load off of teachers, and make teaching courses easier.

Although implementing a new curriculum and adapting to teaching courses partially online can present challenges, Leaders of Evolution has created courses and supplemental resources to change the stigma around implementing new programs and give educators the support they need to equip their students with important leadership and life skills. Educators must make these changes to their curriculum now so that future generations have the tools they need to succeed.

To check out some of our free resources for teachers, click here.

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