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The way in which our students learn during COVID-19 is rapidly shifting as educators and educational institutions switch to remote learning. What doesn’t shift, however, are the Teaching Standards NSW, despite the shifts in how our students learn. Leaders of Evolution developed educational programs for a variety of years and levels, designed by the teaching standards of NSW Australia. We offer leadership tools, customized lessons and courses as well as educator guidance to deliver high-quality and engaging materials to students virtually. Our online e-Learning courses provide Year 5 & 6 students fun and engaging lessons to tackle usually difficult learning topics, like self-awareness, leadership and grit. 

With COVID-19 showcasing the need for alternative, non-traditional educational tools, Leaders of Evolution continues to revolutionise and create online e-learning courses that greatly reflect the needs and standards of Australian Teaching

Teaching Standards NSW | Australian Teaching | Leaders of Evolution

Teaching Standards NSW and the Role of the Educator

Teaching Standards NSW ensures that there is quality teaching practice across all Australian educational institutions. It is central to national reform, and according to the NSW Government website, “defines what teaching looks like, how it displays in the classroom and how it improves student learning.” As outlined in the 2008 Melbourne Declaration, Australian territories are committed to young students to become confident and successful students, in the classroom and to better prepare for their future careers. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers discusses Teaching Standards NSW and what the core framework of quality teaching in Australia. 

The standards of Australian Teaching provide an outline of the knowledge, practice and engagement that educators must have with their students for effective learning in the classroom. Leaders of Evolution has created courses that utilize the Teaching Standards NSW through online e-learning courses. High-quality teaching according to Teaching Standards NSW are as follows:

  1. Know your students and how they learn
  2. Know the content and how to teach it
  3. Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
  4. Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
  5. Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning
  6. Engage in professional learning
  7. Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

Online e-Learning Courses with Teaching Standards NSW Framework

Teaching Standards NSW | Australian Teaching | Leaders of Evolution

Over 267 schools have benefitted from Leaders of Evolution’s non-traditional online e-learning courses. We benefit these schools by providing more effective progress and outcomes in less time, making sure educators are able to get the most out of online learning. Additionally, our courses reflect what opportunities schools want to build on, utilizing a proven student leadership framework.

Australian Curriculum-Aligned Courses

Our courses are engaging and innovative while aligning to the Australian Curriculum. Because Leaders of Evolution knows that the job industry is rapidly changing, and primary school students (65%) will not be entering a job that currently exists, according to the World Economic Forum, we practice leadership skills that will be useful to future careers. Specifically, Leaders of Evolution is aligned with the Personal & Social Capability and the Self-management, Self-awareness, Social Management and Social Awareness elements of the Australian Curriculum

4 C’s Framework

Our online e-learning courses are designed through our 4 C’s Learning Framework. This framework was formed to make the complications of learning leadership more efficient for educators. The 4 C’s were inspired by Jean Cote’s and Wade Gilbert’s integrative definition of coaching expertise and effectiveness because, at Leaders of Evolution, we want the future leaders to be effective and confident on the field and in the classrooms and their future careers. 

The 4 C’s Stand For:

Competence: the skills needed to be effective in a role and related to the technical, or the how and the tactical, the why

Confidence: linked to positive self-worth, confidence in own ability and the ability to inspire confidence in others

Character: the development of self-awareness and behaviours such as empathy and integrity are central to character development

Connectedness: focuses on a learners ability to foster positive relationships with their peers, teammates or colleagues

Additionally, each course has a success criteria matrix, so educators and students can track the progress being made within specific course topics. Our Successful Learning Framework highlights the elements required for successful learning to take place, including the e-learning Hub, the 4 C’s and the educators. Finally, the Success Journey Toolkit provides a simple yet effective way to plan programs around the online e-learning courses. 

Learn more about Leaders of Evolution’s online e-learning courses designed through the Teaching Standards NSW by scheduling a consultation with Jon Shephard, Leaders of Evolution’s Co-founder and director. Click here to schedule a 15-minute call with Jon

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