The Ted Talk That Will Help You Achieve Resilience

In a year filled with uncertainty and confusion, it can sometimes be difficult to find the positives in a sea of negatives. 2020 proved to be a unique year as the health care industry battled a global pandemic, oppressed groups protested for racial equality, and society had to transform their ways of life. One thing is sure; the key to a successful future in the wake of adversity is resilience and determination. 

Ted Talk Resilience | Leaders of Evolution

Ted Talk Resilience

One person who truly understands resilience after hardship is Lucy Hone, a researcher who has studied the effects of adversity and the ability to bounce back. Not only does Hone have the academic knowledge on this topic, but she also has personal experience. In 2014, Hone lost her 12-year old daughter in a car accident. Like any parent, Hone was devastated and struggled to find the light in an unfortunate situation. Using her knowledge of adversity and difficulty, she came up with three strategies that she relied upon to get through her grief.

1. Resilient People Understand That Bad Things Happen

Rather than refusing to acknowledge tragedy, resilient people understand that suffering is a part of everyday human existence. In this Ted Talk about resilience, she explains that our society believes they are entitled to a perfect life and tragedy only happens to the few. During her struggles, Hone refused to ask “Why me?” as many people often say. Instead, people should ask “Why not me? Terrible things happen…that’s your life now”. In life and the workforce, it’s essential to understand that setbacks are part of the process and are the first step in a better direction. 

2. Resilient People Are Good at Choosing Where to Select Their Attention

While resilient people do understand the presence of bad things, they also try to focus on the positives. Hone believes that focusing on the things we can change and accepting the things we can’t change has a positive mental impact. Further, she says that humans have evolved to notice negative things more often than positive things. She gives the example of a cavewoman to better explain this phenomenon, saying that we are more willing to notice a threat like a tiger, rather than the rainbow right beside it. People struggling with grief need to find their small senses of happiness and focus on them. 

3. Resilient People Ask Themselves “Is What I’m Doing Helping or Harming Me?”

Finally, and probably most effective in this Ted Talk about resilience, is evaluating if your actions are helping or harming you. For example, Hone was deciding whether going to her daughter’s trial would make her healing easier or make her more upset. At the end of the day, putting yourself in the driver’s seat and in a position to control your decisions is important. This strategy has helped not only Hone, but also thousands of other people who reached out to thank Hone. 

Taking away from Hone’s Ted Talk about resilience, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about resilience and human’s ability to overcome adversity. Personal development and control is an extremely important characteristic to have and will lead to success. Leaders of Evolution is one of the leading organisations passionate about education and dedicated to instilling resilience in young learners.

Ted Talk Resilience | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution

We recognise that the students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and the workforce of 2030. For this reason, Leaders of Evolution has students’ education as the topmost priority. Leaders of Evolution provides online courses that will equip students with these skills and demonstrate how students can apply these skills in the real world

By the year 2025, we hope to reach over 100,000 student leaders and help them become 4 C’s Certified. This is one of the many goals we hope to achieve to do our part and empower students to succeed. For students ages 16 to 18 years old, Leaders of Evolution has created the “Future Skills of the WorkForce” online class in hopes to prepare students for their future professional careers. 

Looking Into The Future

As a college student looking into my future, I have also been personally affected by these events. In the next few years, I will have graduated with a degree and looking to join the professional workforce. However, as my colleagues and I face this future, COVID-19 lurks in its path. With my personal experience as a student during this time, I understand that overcoming adversity and having resilience is a necessary skill to have, especially in my future workforce. Therefore, I understand the importance of the work that Leaders of Evolution is doing. 

Through each and every action, Leaders of Evolution works towards empowering students and giving them the skills to succeed. This education is critical, as 52.44% of school principals say that equipping students with the skills of the future is one of the most pressing challenges their school faces. For this reason, Leaders of Evolution is here to help schools in their efforts to equip students with the necessary skills. These range from on-field leadership skills, to personal development and strategic planning skills. Most notably, the understanding of resilience in the workforce is important 

By partnering with Leaders of Evolution, students will establish a sense of their professional self-awareness, teachers will find new ways to engage their students, and schools will promote success at all levels. Like the Ted Talk about resilience, Leaders of Evolution are preparing their audiences with the strategies to overcome adversity in the workforce.

Want to learn more about Ted Talk Resilience and Hone’s journey? Visit the Leaders of Evolution website and try a Free Taster course of our “Future Skills of the Workforce” class today!

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