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After piloting the e-learning course in 2018 we found the content and learning outcomes so effective that our entire Year 11 & 12 cohort will take advantage of both the Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow & Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence course in 2020.

We have a responsibility to set all of our students up for success in the future and this course will help us to deliver on this vision, providing students with critical information and teachers with a resource they can leverage to enhance the learning experience.

Honour The Work

Leaders of Evolution consulted and planned with our school to tailor a program for 55 of our Student Representative Council leaders preparing them for skills required to be effective in the future workforce.

Their collaborative facilitation approach resulted in whole group contributions and had an immediate impact on the boys inspiring them to apply their learning.

leadership courses

Leaders of Evolution delivered a diverse program to our year 10 boys with a focus on aligning content to the leadership characteristics we wish to see from King’s leaders.

The program brought together the future skills of the workforce, emotional intelligence and the unique Q & A session with senior staff to provide context to the leadership behaviours we seek from students at our school.

Kim Bath

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Leading Teacher at Mildura Senior College

Pelissa Tsilimidos

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Assistant Principal at Melbourne High School

Brendan Steward

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Head of Leadership (Former) at The King's School

Young Leaders in Schools

Emerging Leaders in Sport

Future Workforce Skills

young leaders in schools

Ages 10 to 12 Years

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Empowering the voice, agency and leadership of students in Year 5  & 6 through a fun, engaging and purposeful e-learning adventure.


Students can fully self-regulate their learning journey, with support from their teacher, by identifying what they learn and when they learn it.

emerging leaders in sports

Ages 15 to 16 Years

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Inspire & challenge new levels of Year 9 & 10 student-athlete leadership performance both on and off the field of play.


The 4 C’s (Competence, Confidence, Character, Connectedness) provide clarity on what it means to be an effective leader in the sport environment.

career eady students

Ages 17 to 18 Years

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The workforce of 2030 will require Year 11 & 12 students of today to develop an independent and autonomous mindset to their work. 


Harnessing world leading research from The Foundation for Young Australians and Deloitte we’ve crafted a curricula to set students up for success.

We're on a mission to build a global learning community of 100,000+ 4 C’s Certified Student Leaders by 2025!

With your help, together we can inspire tomorrow's leaders, today.

Equip Your Students With Important Life Skills

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Students Will..

Develop the future skills to be an autonomous & independent worker

Establish a greater sense of professional self-awareness using a workplace learning plan

Apply the 4 C’s – Competence, Confidence, Character & Connectedness in their workplace context

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Teachers Will..

Gain more outcomes in less time

Leverage the developed resources to support students learning journey & evaluate the progressing of knowledge transfer

Turbocharge work experience/pathways with contemporary, engaging and research-backed learning materials

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Schools Will..

Provide new, flexible learning opportunities to promote success

Recognise the importance of a flexible curriculum approach and how a focus on future workforce skills can enhance learning

Engage with local industry and encourage the application of learning in real-life workplace contexts