Know Why Life Skills for High School Students Are Compulsory

When I am asked to reflect on the lessons I learned during high school my first memory is not one of the derivatives I learned in calculus class or the literary devices I labelled during English, but rather the communication skills I learned during the completion of my first group project, and the resiliency I, eventually, demonstrated after failing my first test.

While I do not doubt that the academic lessons throughout those four years were essential to my intellectual development, it was the life skills that I learned during those formative years of my life that have proven to have the most longevity. It was the skills that were not formally “taught” to me that I believe left the biggest impact on my life. But what if these skills and others were introduced and explored in a classroom setting, would that have made me more prepared and ultimately more successful? At Leaders of Evolution, we believe it would have.

The Importance of Life Skills for High School Students | Leaders of Evolution

The Importance of Teaching Life Skills

Life skills for high school students are not things that can only be acquired by making mistakes or through living real-life experiences, but rather they can be taught proactively. By introducing students to helpful life skills, we are preparing them to succeed rather than waiting for them to slip up and learn from their mistakes.

For example, by teaching students about resilience, we are equipping them with the tools they need to learn from their mistakes and move past them. By demonstrating the importance of autonomy, we are empowering students to take initiative rather than always waiting for instruction. These are just two of the many teachable skills that students will need to be competitive in the ever-changing workplace.

What better way to prepare students for life after high school than filling their “toolbox” with the life skills they need to build a successful future? Our Leaders of Evolution Future Skills of the Workplace courses are designed to do just that.

Our Course Options

To best equip students for the future, we have created two courses to suit various student needs — Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow and Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence. Both courses are designed for Year 11 and Year 12 students looking to prepare for the future workplace through gaining leadership and personal development skills.

Based on the research completed by The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), we know that jobs are changing and the future workplace will look different than it does today. Specifically, there will be less focus on routine, manual tasks and more focus on people, problem-solving, and technology.

In their 2017 “The New Work Smarts” report, FYA outlines that a successful worker in 2030 will be someone who is a smart learner, a smart thinker, and a smart doer. So what exactly does that mean?

Smart learner: someone who is enthusiastic about learning and can learn quickly on the job. 

Smart thinker: someone who solves problems through creative thinking and uses their strong interpersonal skills to work well with others.

Smart doer: someone who can work independently without much guidance

We have used this research to guide our selection of the skills and lessons taught in our courses.

Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence

Our course, Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence, focuses on developing the individual skills that are required to be an effective learner and independent worker. To do this, we start the course by guiding students through a realistic self-appraisal so they can accurately assess their current strengths and weaknesses. This allows each student to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and explore areas for growth. Life skills for high school students covered in this course include:

  • Grit – learning passion and perseverance
  • Goal setting – planning ways to measure growth and improve weaknesses
  • Autonomy – taking the initiative to start tasks and solve problems independently, and how to ask for help when it is necessary

Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow

Our Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow course takes preparation for the future workplace one step further by honing in on the importance of leadership both for yourself and others. In this course, we teach students about the various styles of leadership and give them the skills they need to evaluate a situation and lead effectively. This course has been updated to include lessons specifically for the changes in the workplace caused by Covid-19. These lessons include how to best lead during the pandemic and how to lead and manage a remote team.

2020 has made it clearer than ever that the future of the workplace is changing. Therefore, the skills that students will need to succeed in this new environment will be different than those their teachers needed 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. As educators, it is our job to prepare our students for this changing world best, and by teaching the most current life skills for high school students, we can do that. 

To learn more about how to teach life skills to your students, click here.

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