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In addition to traditional media outlets such as newspapers, radio, and television, podcasts have given audiences and artists a new and unique way to communicate information. With the current COVID-19 pandemic transforming the importance of online instruction or communication, it is no surprise that podcasts have seen a growth in 2020. This year alone, 55% of Americans said they have listened to a podcast, and 24% said they listen to podcasts weekly. 

The Resilience Project Podcast | Leaders Of Evolution

With this in mind, many companies and organisations are utilising podcasts to transform their goals and communication initiatives. The Resilience Project Podcast is one podcast that explores the world of imperfection and talks with individuals who have resilience against their challenges. Both The Resilience Project Podcast and the organisation as a whole are dedicated to delivering emotional and engaging programs about building resilience. 

Similarly, Leaders of Evolution is another company that provides engaging online courses that focus on leadership and development skills. By empowering young students with the skills they need to succeed in their future, Leaders of Evolution is inspiring the leaders of tomorrow

The Resilience Project Podcast

Between presentations, school curriculum, and hosted events, The Resilience Project aims to build resilience and happiness for all. By working with over 500 workplaces, 1,000 schools, and 1,000,000 Australians, the company leads the charge in coaching individuals to overcome any obstacle. 

One method of communication for the organisation is The Resilience Project Podcast which is a popular Australian podcast that dives into overcoming difficulty. As the founder of The Resilience Project, Hugh van Cuylenburg hosts The Resilience Project Podcast and interviews individuals who have faced struggles and imperfections in their lives. Since getting started in 2008, Hugh and The Resilience Project have reached many students and communities. The Resilience Project Podcast continues to talk with inspiring individuals such as musician Missy Higgins, and AFL star Jack Watts. Their focus on socio-emotional learning and personal development is firmly incorporated in every action. 

Leaders of Evolution

Like The Resilience Project Podcast, Leaders of Evolution has a strong foundation in socio-emotional learning and leadership development. We also understand the importance of online and virtual engagement and have a successful method of delivery. Over 267 schools have benefited from their partnership with Leaders of Evolution. Our online courses offer a strategic vision for success, alignment with the Australian curriculum, and time-saving tactics for teachers and administrators. 

At Leaders of Evolution, we take pride in our ability to educate students on a diverse set of skills and knowledge. Because we believe in the positive impact of learning our 4 C’s Framework, they have become an integral part of each and every online course. Our  experienced virtual facilitators are guaranteed to provide a successful approach to deliver the courses, and our engaging learning videos are sure to keep students’ attention. 

One of our online courses that focuses on preparing for the future and taking on new challenges is our “Future Skills of the WorkForce” course. Separated into two parts, the course’s first section is “Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence” and equips students with the skills they will use in an ever-changing and globalised workforce. To finish the course, “Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow” will give students the confidence to use their skills to confront any challenges that lay ahead. 

Only Five Steps Away From Success

For students and schools interested in our “Future Skills of the WorkForce” course, we have five easy steps to implement and tailor these programs to the current classroom curriculum. 

Step 1: Choose Your Course

Schools can select to enroll their students in either one or both of our “Future Skills of the WorkForce” classes. Each of Leaders of Evolution courses comes with a “Teacher Introduction” to better understand and administer these courses.

Step 2: Plan & Prepare

The Resilience Project Podcast | Leaders Of Evolution

Because our courses are designed to be delivered over a 12-month period, schools can plan when to start their partnership. Leaders of Evolution also ask that schools create a Goal Setting & Self-reflection framework so that the partnership can be mutually beneficial. 

Step 3: Implement 

After the preparation is complete, the next step is to implement the courses and allow students to dive into learning. All courses come with real-world applications and other learning tools. 

Step 4: Validate

Throughout the 12-month period, our team will continue to monitor the program and the success of students. We want students to continue to learn new skills and methods until the very last day of the course.

Step 5: Reward & Recognise

Finally, we hope to celebrate all students who complete the course and become 4 C’s Certified. We acknowledge that learning is an ongoing process and every single accomplishment should be celebrated. 

Want to learn more about The Resilience Project Podcast or start a partnership with Leaders of Evolution? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today!

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