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Every great sports team is led by an effective and knowledgeable coach. Without the right instruction and direction from a coach, it is difficult to have a successful team. A great coach builds great players from ordinary players and leads their team to victory. However, it is difficult to put together the definition of a perfect coach, as there are many different types of coaching strategies. 

Leaders of Evolution strongly believes that educating coaches is just as important as educating student-athletes. Therefore, we have provided various types of sport courses that will benefit coaches and student-athletes alike. However, before learning the important skills and assets through organizations such as Leaders of Evolution, it is important to identify the types of coaching. Here are three types that Leaders of Evolution and other credible sources in various types of sport courses have identified. 

Types Of Coaching

Democratic Coaching

Types of Coaching | Leaders of Evolution

The first type of coaching strategy is democratic coaching which can be described as a cooperation effort between the coaches and the players. Decisions and goal setting are not done solely by the coach. Instead, collaboration and communication between the team itself determine the plans and decisions made. In many cases, this type of coaching style can lead to a diverse styling of coaching for each year. For example, a high school team that operates under a democratic type of coaching may have different goals and objectives for each season as the players change each year. 

One focus of the democratic style of coaching involves the direct jurisdiction of the athletes themselves, which can also be referred to as the “athlete-centred” approach. This type of coaching style can be effective for team sports, but primarily this strategy works best for individual sports. For athletes who participate in sports such as tennis, track and field, wrestling, or swimming, the democratic coaching style works because athletes have a large say in their training. Practising and goal setting can be done on the terms of the athlete themselves and coaches can overlook and guide these goals. 

Also, younger student-athletes and more amateur level athletes can benefit from this type of coaching style. As middle school and high school level sports are not-for-profit, the democratic style of coaching will help athletes develop their skills and their own sense of personal achievement

Autocratic Coaching

Types of Coaching | Leaders of Evolution

Unlike the democratic coaching style, coaches who follow the autocratic style of coaching make decisions with little to no input from players and other assistant coaches. This type of coaching can also be described by “my way or the highway”, as the head coach has a very large impact on the decisions made for the benefit of the team. Many elite and professional level coaches follow this type of coaching and are very focused on the success and victory of the team. At this level in their career, many athletes already have the skills needed to succeed in their respective sport. Therefore, the coach’s primary role is not to teach skills but to teach teamwork and build a cohesive unit based on rules and guidelines. 

Autocratic coaching works best with team sports. With a larger number of participants and individuals on the team, getting feedback from everyone can lead to disputes and arguments. This type of coaching strategy is the opposite of the democratic coaching strategy in many ways. However, both strategies can work to build a successful team. By evaluating the setting and relevance of your situation, coaches can choose which strategy will work best for the team. There also is a third type of coaching unlike autocratic and democratic: holistic coaching. 

Holistic Coaching

Types of Coaching | Leaders of Evolution

While holistic coaching is probably utilized less than the democratic and autocratic style of coaching, it can still be an effective way to communicate and develop a strong sports team. This type of coaching can also be called “laissez-faire”, which can be loosely translated from French as “let it be”. Instead of getting direction from the coach only, or from a mixture of the coach and the players, there is very little feedback or training from any participant. Instead, this type of coaching should lead to the exploration of athletes and allows them to find what works for them as individual players. 

Holistic coaching encourages players to feel comfortable and not pressured to reach a certain standard. This technique allows coaches and players to create bonds and relationships off the field and just as people. 

While these are just three general types of coaching, there are many more that were not mentioned. Leaders of Evolution provides various types of sport courses that go into more depth about types of coaching. Also, each coach does not embody just one of these styles. A coach can pick and choose which coaching strategy works best for the team in different aspects of situations. The most important part is realizing what type of coaching technique is used and learning how to use that strategy to its fullest potential. This can be achieved by checking out Leaders of Evolution’s various types of sport courses

Leaders of Evolution

As an organization dedicated to the success of coaches and teams of all levels, Leaders of Evolution offers various types of sport courses. By visiting our website, coaches can learn about our various types of sport courses and learn more about the type of coaching they use on an everyday basis. These various types of sport courses can help all aspects of athletic departments and teach different leadership and development skills.

Leaders of Evolution guarantees that students and coaches will find many of our various types of sport courses that develop their skills. 

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