Uplifting Women Leaders in EdTech: The Reflection Continues

Leaders of Evolution continues to expand its team in the North American region, officially adding me, Emma Henzes, to their full-time roster as the Communications and Marketing Coordinator.  

In the spring of 2020 when I was just a part-time contractor for Leaders of Evolution, I wrote a three-part series reflecting on my skillset as a young professional and my experience graduating during a pandemic and recession. Part three of my reflection was titled, “@The Class of 2020: It’s Not Just You, Your Classmates Feel The Pain” describing my fellow college friends’ experiences struggling to solidify future plans during this uncertain and unprecedented time.  

Now, my reflection series continues. This is part four, essentially announcing my own official full-time role. 

Emma Henzes

Part Four: Immersed in EdTech 

If you asked me a few years ago what an EdTech company was, I might have tried for an educated guess. But now if you ask me, you’ll get an impassioned elevator pitch that strikes at the heart of Leaders of Evolution’s mission.  

Working with an organisation whose mission is to develop empowered, autonomous leaders that value emotional intelligence and adaptability makes me feel like my professional work is truly making a positive difference in students’ lives. 

My work with Leaders of Evolution as a Communications & Marketing Coordinator weaves both the back-end creation of the e-learning courses and content with the front-facing presence of LoE’s brand and voice across their website and social media. As a member of Gen Z myself, I utilise my digital skills to connect with Leaders of Evolution’s students through relatable means whilst inspiring competence and confidence.  

My Aspirations: Inspire the Leaders of Tomorrow 

Typically being on the other side of writing press releases, I sought to make this reflective piece not just solely my experience, but include our Leaders of Evolution team’s thoughts. I asked Leaders of Evolution Co-founders, Damian Hecker and Jon Shepherd, why they  were excited to add me to the team in a full-time capacity. 

“Well, Emma, you are the epitome of a young person ready for the future of work. A lifelong learner, autonomous, independent, an effective leader and team member with the communication skills to boot,” Damian said. “If we can reach more young people and enable them with the same sorts of skills you have demonstrated, we are having the impact we aspire to every day.” 

Fortunate to serve my generation and hopes of generations to come, my creative communication skills build courses with focused outcomes that will inspire tomorrow’s leaders to be innovative learners. As I continue to grow and evolve my skills Damian mentioned, I am proud to say that I am an integral part of a mission to build a global learning community of more than 100,000 4 C’s Certified Student Leaders by 2025. 

A Lifelong Learner: Relentless in the Pursuit of Knowledge 

Leaders of Evolution is passionate about education and prides itself on developing learners that are relentless in the pursuit of knowledge – which is also one of the LoE Values that guide what we do every day. 

“Perhaps what we are most proud of as a business is that we walk the talk between what we say is good for others in our courses and actually rewarding these professional skills internally,” 

Damian Hecker, Co-founder and Director of Learning & Development

As a recent graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, I know learning doesn’t stop after commencement. Rather, as a lifelong learner, you must continually build upon your foundational skills, step out of your comfort zone and pursue all avenues of learning.    

Already in my role, I have grown in leaps and bounds that prove learning continues outside of the classroom. Understanding that I am early in my career with so much experience to gain, I am grateful for Jon and Damian’s guidance and feedback whilst progressing in my professional development. They demand my best efforts but take every opportunity to teach and foster growth, not just for my own advancement, but for their committed intentions to the evolution of our team. 

This type of feedback is more than just a quarterly meeting reviewing key performance indicators. At Leaders of Evolution, this a daily occurrence explicitly communicating areas to strive for while celebrating our communal learning achievements and successes.  

We look at every opportunity with a learning and growth perspective. Our courses are able to foster determined leaders that are committed to their progression because those values are the foundation of our organisation.

Just the Beginning: Uplifting Learners: 

Being in an ever-changing field, constantly adapting as EdTech shifts and pivots what feels like daily, I know that my future is full of opportunity. Growing with Leaders of Evolution, I will focus on reaching new heights with my communication abilities, translating research and data into wisdom that young people can learn from, with a goal of improving leadership across the globe. As the first full-time female team member of LoE, I aim to bring more women into the EdTech space and use my platform to uplift young women in the professional world.  

My reflection series is truly just beginning at this early stage in my career with Leaders of Evolution. Stay tuned for part five. 

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