Generation Z in the Workplace: What are Life Skills Needed for Success?

Generation Z will soon become the most populous generation within the workforce, with over one-third of the world’s population identifying as a Gen Zer. This group of emerging young leaders has grown up during a recession and changing technology, yet their characteristics as employees are vastly different than those in the Millennial workforce.

While new job markets prepare to compete for Gen Z talent, young leaders still in school can prepare for the competition by cultivating future life skills and looking beyond a traditional educational path by utilizing Leaders of Evolution’s life skills curriculum.

Before diving into how Leaders of Evolution help students develop these life skills, it’s best to understand the relationship between Generation Z and the emerging job market, and ask, what are life skills needed for Generation Z success?

Generation Z and the New Job Market

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As Gen Zers enter the professional space, it’s become more apparent what qualities they look for in jobs and organizations. Gen Zers are not solely motivated by money, but passion, and also look for companies that allow them to thrive as good global citizens.

But what are life skills that these organizations are looking for in Gen Zers? And how does emerging technology change the landscape for incoming professionals?

According to Deloitte’s “Understanding Generation Z in the workplace,” the ideal employee will have a fusion of four specific future skills, including digital tools and technology skills, comfort with analytics and data, business management skills and design and creative skills.

While young leaders might know the specific industries they want to work in, nor know the emerging tech they’ll be utilizing in their careers, Leaders of Evolution can help young leaders build the character necessary to thrive in these four life skills. 

Leaders of Evolution’s Life Skills Curriculum: What Are Life Skills? 

What are life skills that Leaders of Evolution focus on? Here we frame our courses on the 4Cs: Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness. Leaders of Evolution’s courses deliver e-learning courses to enhance students’ leadership capabilities, social and emotional learning and discipline to create strong leaders of the future.

Through the Future Skills of the Workforce courses, students will prepare themselves for the job market for 2030, looking ahead despite the technological changes that will make 2030 unrecognizable for some employees. 

The Future Skills of the Workforce coursework and life skills curriculum encourages students to first reflect on their experiences while taking lessons and outside of coursework.

What are life skills I as a student know I am good at, and what do I lack? How can I reach those goals? Teachers will assist students in understanding the goals and intentions of Leaders of Evolution’s lessons while identifying and recording the levels of students’ development.

Additionally, Leaders of Evolution design coursework that allows for increased application of these skills into a workplace context. Students can reflect on past experiences to better understand how these skills would apply to formal jobs. 

Future Skills to Become A Future Leader

Acknowledging what Deloitte sees as an ideal employee of the future, Leaders of Evolution’s life skills curriculum can get students as independent and passionate workers to have a fusion of the four future skills. What are life skills Leaders of Evolution focuses on to match the needs of the future job market?

  1. Digital tools and technology skills: Leader’s of Evolution’s life skills curriculum will push students to become autonomous and independent workers, eager to learn emerging technology without the need for strict supervision. This will be helpful as job markets shift towards new technologies, and leaders excited to learn new machinery will thrive. 
  2. Comfort with analytics and data: While being an autonomous worker will make young leaders have an advantage with learning analytics and data, the life skills curriculum forces students to apply their learning into a workplace context. As students reflect and set goals for the strengths and weaknesses they have, it’s important students recognize if mathematical skills in analytics and data is a strong-suit or not, and how they can strengthen this skill.
  3. Business management skills: To have strong business management skills, young leaders must also have a sense of professional self-awareness of themselves and those around them. Leaders of Evolution will help students form interpersonal relationships and gain emotional intelligence. 
  4. Creative skills: Leaders of Evolution will teach students to be problem solvers, and cultivate creative thinking in the workplace and beyond.

Click here to learn more about Leader’s of Evolution’s life skills curriculum, what are life skills, and how these courses can prepare young leaders to become star candidates by 2030.

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