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When I think about workforce essentials, I always end up getting mixed up. My brain goes to physical things in the workplace rather than the workforce. For example, I’m a writer, so my workplace essentials might be a pen, paper, computer, glasses, and internet connection. On the other hand, medical professionals’ workplace essentials might be a stethoscope, thermometer, hand sanitizer, and gloves. Every profession requires a specific set of physical essentials to succeed, but that tends to be crystal clear. I mean, I don’t need a scalpel in my day to day work routine, but a surgeon definitely does! Workforce essentials are not referring to physical necessities, but rather the skills of the workforce. The future workplace requires the mastery of certain skills and tools to thrive.

Equipping Students with the Skills of the Future is a Definite Challenge For Schools

Did you know that 52.44% of school principals say equipping students with the future skills is one of the most pressing challenges for their school? That’s over HALF of all school principals! 

Did you know that learning on the job is expected to account for 30% of our time at work by 2025? We’re closer to 2025 than to 2015! It’s going to be here before we know it! 

These statistics are a little alarming when we think of our students and their level of preparedness for the future. As I discussed in a previous blog, Best Social-Emotional Curriculum – Do’s and Don’ts, many workforce skills aren’t traditionally taught in schools – but they should be! Sure, students are taught biology, mathematics, and history, but we don’t learn about what it takes to be autonomous and successful in the workplace.

An Ever-Changing Workplace and the Importance of Workforce Essentials

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think it’s more monotonous to learn about “traditional subjects” rather than prepare for what I’ll actually see in my future career. Mathematics is essentially the same as it has always been and history isn’t going to rewrite itself. Workforce essentials, on the other hand, are unprecedented and susceptible to constant changes. 

The average workplace in the 21st century has been influenced by technological advancements in some way. This demands a certain degree of adaptability and autonomy from its employees. Some workforce changes we can predict and prepare for, however, it is impossible to foresee every change. One thing we do know is that learning on the job is on the rise and schools feel underprepared to equip students with necessary workforce essentials. That’s where the curriculum built by Leaders of Evolution comes in. 

Leaders of Evolution Teaches Workforce Essentials for Success

Leadership. Grit. Self-awareness. Independence. These are a few of the fundamental workforce essentials that Leaders of Evolution teaches students. The Future Skills of the Workforce courses for years 11 and 12 focuses on the changing face of technology and how it’s impacting the workplace. Two of the courses in the Future Skills of the Workforce curriculum are Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence and Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow. Both courses provide young people with information, in a fun and engaging way, to be applied in their schooling, hobbies, sporting endeavours, and life in general. 

It is imperative that students start learning the skills to be an effective, independent, and autonomous worker now. All Leaders of Evolution courses utilise the 4 C’s Learning Framework of Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness, and result in a 4 C’s Certification. The Future Skills of the Workforce courses also use engaging learning videos, an experienced virtual facilitator, and peer to peer learning to keep students engaged and motivated. 

Where Do I Start?

Leaders of Evolution prepares students to enter the workforce and excel in their future careers. We believe that every young professional deserves to be equipped with the workforce essentials to excel in the future. Our programs are easy to use, engaging for students, and impactful. We strive to build lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and effective problem solvers. Leaders of Evolution is building career-ready leaders of tomorrow, today! 

For more information on the Future Skills of the Workforce programs, please visit the Leaders of Evolution website today or contact us to learn what we can do for you!

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