Young Leaders in Schools

Young Leaders in Schools

An E-learning Course
for Year 5 & 6 School Students
  • Enhance student leadership effectiveness and empower student voice
  • A fun, engaging, multi-media experience for students
  • Aligns with the Australian Curriculum
  • Teachers save valuable time with our user-friendly lesson plans and resources aligned to the High Impact Teaching Strategies model

We are changing the paradigm in student leadership

Leadership is learnt over a lifetime, not in one day.

We believe in a long term approach to leadership development delivered in a fun, engaging and meaningful manner. Our E-learning course will provide the resources for your teachers and student leaders to collaborate on a purposeful leadership learning journey over that is fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

No more one off workshops, this is leadership for 21st century learners.

Course Overview

We can’t change the paradigm without your help.

The teacher plays a crucial role in helping students explore the leadership concepts, apply their learning and challenge them to critically reflect on their experiences. The teacher’s role is the key to student success.

Students will explore 9 leadership concepts, or ‘Lessons’ with a number of associated ‘Topics’ which explain these concepts further. Students will investigate areas including Self-awareness, Leadership In Action, Communication, Influencing Change and others. Students will also hear from their peers about their experiences as student leaders, establishing an authentic peer to peer learning approach.

Leveraging the LoE Leadership Learning Cycle and borrowing principles from the High Impact Teaching Strategies model, the E-Learning course aims to develop more effective leaders and inspire positive behaviour change in all participants. We aspire to set students up for success, not just in school but well into their future also.

Want to try a lesson for free?

We invite you to try one of the 10 lessons in the e-learning course for free. Try out our lesson on self-awareness; with 13 topics, videos, quizzes and more.

Your Virtual Facilitator

Damian Hecker

Damian Hecker is a passionate educator with experience teaching in the classroom and physical education setting as well as working in national leadership roles in the sports industry. He is driven by the opportunity to share his learning with young leaders right across the country, to challenge them to set new standards of leadership performance within their school communities. You’ll see Damian sharing some key messages throughout the E-Learning course.


See What Other Principals & Teachers are Saying

Irymple South Primary School

Irymple South Primary School

Ben Milsom Assistant Principal

“Using technology to enhance excellent and engaging content is an innovative learning approach delivered by Leaders of Evolution. The opportunity to collaborate with a progressive and professional leadership organisation has added an extra dimension to our student leaders voice and we look forward to the partnership continuing.”

Williamstown Primary School

Mathew Montebello Assistant Principal

“Leaders of Evolution have a unique ability to tailor learning programs specific to where our student leaders are and the structures we have in place.  In 2018 we are working with a newly minted student leadership program with both year 5 and year 6 student and Damian was able to deliver a session that allowed the students to make sense of their new roles.  With the e-learning to assist the ongoing growth of these young leaders we are confident of this new student leadership structure lasting well into the future.”

Willow Grove Primary School

Jack Blythman Year 5/6 teacher

“I’ve found the resources Leaders of Evolution have provided to be really helpful in terms of mapping out what influence leaders have in our school community and helping the students own their leadership responsibilities.”

Newstead primary School

Newstead Primary School

Andrew Frawley Principal

“Leaders of Evolution delivered an innovative, purposeful and powerful learning experience for our students. Their capacity to understand what is important to the school community and craft a program to achieve these outcomes is exceptional. Our students were incredibly engaged in the program and I have witnessed positive behavioural change as the direct result of this.”

Aims of the E-Learning Course

We aspire to set the students up for success.

Participants will:

  • Unleash their unique strengths, lead with confidence and establish self-awareness
  • Connect, engage & collaborate with friends online anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Have fun working with friends as they deliver a school community project. Projects we’ve seen so far include – Outdoor Gym, Buddy Bench, Lunchtime Radio Show, Education Programs and countless fundraising and awareness campaigns

Teachers will:

  • Save valuable time with our user-friendly lesson plans which align to the Personal & Social Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum (BIG tick)
  • Reward, recognise and assess students in a safe, online environment
  • Deliver the content using flexible E-learning teaching options including short videos, infographics, quizzes, guidebooks and more

Schools will:

  • Maximise budget whilst developing leadership skills of large cohorts of students – everyone can lead, not just the School Captains
  • Empower students to plan, deliver and promote their school community project
  • Promote your school as a 21st century learning institution who invest into the growth of their students as leaders of the future