Young Leaders in Sport

Young Leaders in Sport

A long-term E-learning Course
for Year 9 & 10 student-athletes
  • Inspire emerging athletes to enhance their leadership effectiveness
  • A fun, engaging, multi-media experience
  • Plan, prepare, deliver and review a community project
  • User-friendly lesson plans and resources aligned to the High Impact Teaching Strategies model

We are changing the paradigm in student-athlete leadership

Leadership is learnt over a lifetime, not in one day.

We believe in a long term approach to leadership development delivered in a fun, engaging and meaningful manner. Our E-learning course will provide the resources for your teachers and student-athletes to collaborate on a purposeful leadership learning journey over the course of the school year.

No more one off workshops, this is student-athlete leadership for 21st Century learners.

Course Overview

We can’t change the paradigm without your help.

The teacher plays a crucial role in helping students explore the leadership concepts, apply their learning and challenge them to critically reflect on their experiences.  The teacher’s role is the key to student success.

Students will explore 10 leadership concepts, or ‘Lessons’ with numerous ‘Topics’ which will explain these concepts further.  The ‘Lessons’ sit within the curriculum framework pillars of Self-awareness, Performance (On-field), Environment (Off-field) and Community (Off-field).  Lessons include High Performing Teams, Culture, Social Media Awareness, Balanced Athlete and Influencing Performance amongst others.

Leveraging the LoE Leadership Learning Cycle and borrowing principles from the High Impact Teaching Strategies model, the E-Learning course aims to set athletes up for success, both on and off the field of play.

Want to try a lesson for free?

We invite you to try one of the 10 lessons in the e-learning course for free. Try out our lesson on leadership in sport with 7 topics, videos, quizzes and more.

Your Virtual Facilitator

Jon Shepherd

 With an elite basketball career spanning 2 decades across the shores of Australia, USA, China and New Zealand Jon has played at the highest level domestically and represented Australia at the World University Games.  Jon knows the sacrifices needed to juggle a career and sport and that’s why he is so passionate about providing young athletes with the knowledge to equip them for both.  Jon will share his knowledge and experiences with the students throughout the e-learning course.


See What Other Principals & Teachers are Saying

Varsity College

Ty Dowker HOD Physical Education

“The course provided a real point of difference compared to other Athlete Development & Sports Excellence Programs. The curriculum addressed current trends empowering students to transfer life-skills well outside their chosen sport. I highly recommend the course to all emerging athletes and look forward to being involved in 2018 and beyond. “

San Fransico State University

Vince Anglia Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

“Jon delivered a valuable preseason program on team identity, values and culture to further develop our NCAA student athletes. As a result, the athletes took direct responsibility and kept themselves accountable for the entire season. His knowledge, professionalism and ability to create a strong rapport was second to none. We look forward to Jon continuing his work with our athletes.”

North Coast Academy of Sport

John Kincade Executive Director

“We couldn’t be happier with how Leaders of Evolution engaged the parents of our emerging athletes. They delivered an engaging session and provided a thorough recommendations and report to ensure long-term outcomes. “

RDK Sports

Ryan Kogelman Managing Director

“The Leaders of Evolution team have deep knowledge of grassroots through to High Performance sport. This shines through in their curriculum in both online and in the face-to-face settings. From these courses our emerging athletes apply practical leadership skills that relate to ‘real world’ scenarios, which is invaluable towards their long-term development both on and off the field. I highly recommend Jon and Damian’s approach to holistic athlete development.”

Aims of the E-Learning Course

We aspire to set the students up for success.

Participants will:

  • Increase their performance by un-tapping and unleashing their unique leadership strengths and applying them in their sporting environments
  • Balance their busy schedule by accessing the course anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Watch and learn from videos, featuring over a dozen professional athletes & coaches

Teachers will:

  • Save time leveraging our user-friendly assessment and lesson plans resources that align to the National Curriculum
  • Adopt a long-term approach to holistic athlete development that sets students up for success on and off the field
  • Evaluate the progression of student knowledge and application

Schools will:

  • Maximise budgets whilst developing a large cohort of student-athlete leaders
  • Add a unique and integral development arm to your Sports Excellence Program
  • Be a point of difference to other schools – offering long-term, holistic athlete development